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Three reasons to go to Sakhalin in autumn

Первая причина The first reason

The mixed forests that cover all the hills of the island are painted in bright and beautiful colors! The colorful landscapes of autumn will fascinate anyone who has seen them!

The second reason

Autumn is the time for picking berries, mushrooms, spawning time for Far Eastern salmon! The harvest is an opportunity to enjoy the gifts of the generous Sakhalin nature!

Third reason

Time for hunting and fishing! And also, autumn on Sakhalin is very warm! The average monthly temperature in September is +15 degrees Celsius. There are days when the thermometer rises and reaches 21-23 degrees Celsius
Indian summer on Sakhalin is a thrill! We even swam and sunbathed at the end of September! Very beautiful views. Hotels - there is a very good selection. There are not so many restaurants as in Vladivostok, but Japanese cuisine is the Best!
Igor, 38 years old
We had a rest with friends, in the morning - we are already on a trip, in the afternoon outdoors, in the evening in karaoke! Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is a beautiful and calm city, evening walks along its streets in gold foliage are great!
Elena Osipova, Moscow
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