Day 1
  • Arrival, meeting at Chomutovo airport, transfer to the hostel / hotel
  • Lunch (buffet, city cafe, included in the price)
  • Sightseeing tour of the city "Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - the city of 4 states"

On a tour of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, you can feel the unique interweaving of culture, history and human destinies of two great states - Russia and Japan. Having made a tour, you will learn about how the largest city of the largest island of the largest country was built, you will understand why it is impossible to get lost in this city and why the city's layout was copied from the map of Chicago. You will feel the impact of Japanese culture on the city, learn unknown facts about the Japanese period of Karafuto (1905-1945), get acquainted with the sights, visit the squares, places where Shinto and Buddhist temples were located

  • Visit and acquaintance with the Local History Museum of our city, the building of which was built by the Japanese in the style of "Tei-Kan" - "Style of the Imperial Crown".
  • Dinner (not included in the price)
  • Free time

Transport is provided for 6 hours
Day 2
  • Meeting with the guide, departure for the excursion "Ostanets" Frog "and the waterfall" Aykhor ", lunch lunch boxes (included in the price)

The favorite route of the inhabitants of southern Sakhalin, with a visit to the place of power - the Frog outlier and a hiking trip along the river valley to the mountain waterfall Aikhor (Vesta). Since 1983, the Frog Rock has been considered a state natural monument of regional significance. You will climb the outlier and the opened view of the Susunai lowland and two bays, will forever steal your heart.In the

same place on the Frog you can learn about Ainu legends and fairy tales, as well as tell the Mistress herself about your secret desires, and they will undoubtedly come true. Then you will walk along a trail equipped with bridges and hinged crossings. Numerous rapids and rapids of the Aichka (Komissarovka) river will accompany you to the two-stage waterfall "Aikhor", the height of which is about 14 meters

  • Return to the city
  • Dinner on your own
  • Free time
Day 3
  • Early departure by train to Novoderevenskoe

We will walk through the most beautiful places of the Mitsul ridge, through old Japanese tunnels, an abandoned railway built by "taco bey" - Korean workers brought to Sakhalin by the Japanese. Then we will visit a mud volcano, the depth of the crater of which is about 5 km. The mud can be used for cosmetic purposes

  • Lunch on the volcano (lunch boxes)
  • Return to the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
  • Dinner on your own
Day 4
  • Meeting with the guide, departure for the excursion "Hike to the Devil's Bridge"
  • Departure in the morning to the city of Kholmsk

We suggest you take a transport and walking tour along the old abandoned railway, of the Karafuto period. First, we will pass one of the largest port cities on the south-western coast of Sakhalin - Kholmsk, visit the Devil's Bridge, one of the abandoned bridges.

When designing the Devil's Bridge, the railway line was made in the form of a loop. The train, passing through two tunnels, made a sharp turn, drove almost to the top of the hill, and then its path passed along the Devil's Bridge at an altitude of about 38 meters. At one time, this bridge was known throughout Japan because of its unusual design.During

the tour you will learn what is the connection between the outstanding master and founder of Seido-karate Tadashi Nakamura and pop singer Yuri Nikolaev

  • Lunch in a cafe in the city of Kholmsk
  • Return to the city in the evening
  • Dinner on your own
Day 5
  • Meeting with a guide, departure for an excursion "Tikhaya Bay and Cheremshansky Waterfall"

On this day, you will have a trip to probably the most beautiful waterfall in Sakhalin. Cheremshansky waterfall - this stream is not the largest on the island, however, one of the most spectacular. A luxurious veil of a billion streams adorns the monolithic ledge from which the river falls. The height of the fall is 13 meters, this is an incredibly beautiful damn dozen of noisy and mesmerizing rumbles. The road to it is picturesque and full of adventures. This is not a simple walk, but a test of your strength and the opportunity to closely communicate with nature. The path runs along the narrowest part of Sakhalin, called Poyasok. Its width is only 26 km. If you are lucky with the weather, then stopping, you can see two shores from one point - east and west.

Lunch on the coast of Tikhaya Bay - a hot ukha - will be a great addition to this hike (included in the price)

After lunch, passing through the sea terrace along the old Japanese trail, you can appreciate the beautiful landscapes of the rocky coast and the Zhdanko (Tosso) volcanic ridge.We will

also stop in the village of Vzmorye, where we will see the Japanese Torii Gate - this is the remains of a Japanese Shinto shrine. Also in the village there is a Japanese school pavilion (hyoanden) - one of the few surviving on Sakhalin since the time of Karafuto. In the village you can buy, on request, fresh crabs and other seafood

  • Return to the city
  • Dinner on your own
Day 6
  • Meeting with a guide, a trip to Cape Velikan

Travel to the favorite vacation spot of Sakhalin residents - Cape Velikan, a natural monument of regional importance, located on the eastern coast of the Tonino-Aniva Peninsula. On a traditional route, you will follow a six-kilometer trail, see stones, kekura and arches of the most beautiful coast of the Tonino-Aniva coast, taste baked fish cooked over a fire, and get a boost of vivacity and great impressions from what you see.

  • Return to the city
  • Dinner on your own
Day 7
  • Breakfast, check-out from the hotel / hostel
  • Arrival at the fish market / souvenir shop
  • Transfer to the airport, departure
The tour price includes
  • accommodation in a hotel or hostel of the selected category
  • guide
  • breakfasts in hotels every day
  • lunches on excursion days
  • bus transfer airport - hotel - airport
  • entry tickets
  • medical insurance
  • registration of a pass to Sakhalin
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