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Three reasons to go to Sakhalin in the summer

The first reason

Many endemic plants grow on Sakhalin. The unique flora and fauna of the island will not leave you indifferent! Unique mushrooms, flowers and huge leaves of Butterbur, fern, bamboo, rare vines and rare tree species - this is just a little that is associated with the amazing flora of Sakhalin!

The second reason

Summer is a time of adventure! Fishing, hiking, swimming, mushroom and seafood! Starry sky, rustle of waves and delicious fish soup from the freshest catch!

Third reason

The freshest seafood and authentic cuisine, which combines the best traditions of European and Asian cuisine!
Summer on Sakhalin is unpredictable! In the morning, fog is like milk, during the day it is hot, and in the evening it can charge the rain. Three different summers in one day! Sakhalin's nature is very beautiful, people are hospitable, and sea urchins are an extraordinary delicacy!
Oksana Tomilina, Khabarovsk
Sea, forest, rivers, lakes, waterfalls! The bus is very comfortable, the jeeps are also comfortable! We drove into such a wilderness !!! Crabs are delicious, a lot of fish! Paradise is simple, not an island! Three-meter burdocks are something !!!
Tatiana Zlobina, Chita
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